Benevolent Entrepreneurs

We created the Benevolent Entrepreneurs brand from conception, starting with a hand drawn sketch capturing the essence and the energy of the brand itself. The development of this brand was a moment by moment creation where we looked at what the brand would like to become and what the possilities and potential in the future were. We did this through asking questions of what is possible with the creation of the brand and becoming aware of what the company itself would like to be in the world.

We started with a hand drawn sketch portraying captures the energy of what the brand and a strong representation based on the symbolism of the lion.

The intimate connection we formed with this client really allowed us to get into the energy of what the brand would like to be and bring this through into every element.

We created the logo and branding such that it could be taken across into many different spaces and platforms, such as physical products, Social Media platforms and other online applications.


10 October 2016
Branding | Social Media